NBA Live 15


Now, I’m not going to lie and claim to be any good at this game (or basketball in general) and I certainly won’t use that against the game. I bought NBA Live 14 on amazon last year on sale for $15-$20 or so, which I thought was weird because it wasn’t even out that long at the time, and boy was I disappointed. I didn’t see myself ever playing another EA NBA game again, but alas, here I am thanks to EA Access.

Now I will say this is a much better game than the previous year’s title. However, that isn’t much of an accomplishment. I’ve only played through a handful of Jordan Rising Star games, which have been fun when not being attacked by the same glitch every so often. I’ve been drafted by the 76ers (and sadly that’s not the glitch), we’re horrible. Every game we’re actually doing good, comes into the same glitch, and I mean EVERY time I feel like we’re about to pick up our first win of the season. One of the teams gets fouled, they line up at the free throw line, some lineup changes happen and that’s it. The game just stops, the camera focuses in on the player about to make his free throws and he just stands there. I’ve tried everything to fix it, but the only option that seems to work is quitting the game and restarting.

The rest of the game modes are the standard EA modes: Dynasty, Ultimate Team, Head 2 Head. The blueprint to a sports game, nothing fancy.

The graphics seem a little more polished, not the greatest but nothing to be ashamed of.
The soundtrack is pretty good (at least in my opinion).
Gameplay is pretty good, despite the same game ending glitch I keep running into.

Definitely not a game I’d go out and buy, unless you really need a basketball game for some reason.