Wow, what can I say about #IDARB (It Draws A Red Box).

A game that has it all. 100% customizable characters, music, teams, & flags. Sure, it’s all pixel art and small midi-like music, but customizable none-the-less. I enjoyed playing it, thanks for Games with Gold.

It’s kind of like, soccer mixed with basketball.. mixed with crack. There’s a ball that you must get into a net, while traversing through an obstacle field and defending your own net (and the ball) from the opposing team. How¬†you get that ball into the net is up to you. Throw it in, bounce it in, ally-oop it, or hope the other guy is just really bad.

If XBOX didn’t give this away for free, I’d actually consider buying it. After running through the AI, you can always hop online and give it a shot against real players. I did alright out there in the real world, winning half of my online games. Had some players rage quit and had others play back to back games.

Overall, it’s a fun little time killing game. Nothing special.

Simple controls, simple gameplay.