WWE 2K16

2K Sports WWE

The latest chapter in the WWE series, 2K16, didn’t seem to add that much on to the last game at first glance, but is a much improved game.

I wasn’t expecting much, the game has been the same game for a long time now, but I just can’t get enough. Every year I buy the new copy and play the life out of it. This year will be no different, in fact, I’ve probably played this one a lot more than previous years’ games.

This year the highlight of the game was Stone Cold Steve Austin, what? The Rattlesnake, what? Austin 3:16, what? Stunning Steve Austin, what? The Ringmaster, what? Okay, I’ve run out of names, but you get the picture.

This game follows Stone Cold’s career through WCW, ECW, and WWE. It was fun to relive a career that I had followed for the entire Stone Cold run. It was a blast going down memory lane, to the “golden” age of Wrestling. The only problem that I had with this, was it made me realize that pretty much every Stone Cold match was the same match. But, I still had fun in recreating these matches and reliving the experience as a fan.

WWE Universe mode is the same concept that it has been in the previous games. A fun way to kill time and interact with the WWE universe without doing ALL the planning. I’m in the process of injecting custom wrestlers to enhance the feeling.

The online mode is the best the WWE games have had in years. I was actually able to have a whole match without the game lagging to death and making it impossible to play. I can see myself having a lot of fun with this feature now that it works.

Overall, the game is solid. There isn’t much different from the last year, but the gameplay has been improved slightly and that has made the game feel that much more complete. The only changes that I did not agree with were the changes to the reverse system. Previous games let you reverse as many times as you wanted, but this new game has added a system that you must allow to refill as to not spam reversals. I’m a fan of infinite reversals, but I would like them to bring back the two button system.


Overall: 4.5/5
The reversing system is my only negative.